Sumbawan local, Gen Z.
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We've been experiencing some Instagram Widget issues due to high volumes over the past few hours. This has since been fixed and everything is now back on track. Sorry for any inconvenience caused - post using #igwidget with any feedback or queries 😊
We're pleased to announce that our Instagram widget is now working again. Due to Instagram API updates, you will need to authenticate your widget. To authenticate/reactivate your widget, you simply need to go to the management page for the said widget: and 'authenticate' then save/get your widget code again. Once done you'll be back on track. Thanks for your patience 😊
Note: once you've saved (clicked 'get code') the widget, you DO NOT need to re-install the widget code on your website.
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Could potentially be favourite place on Earth #Amalfi
Welcome all. Good to have everyone onboard...
ATTENTION: Instagram Widget Users
Instagram have updated their API today, and their usage limits have changed. We are experiencing difficulties for this reason. We are working on the matter. Please be patient. Thank you
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